How To Register Your Business Name

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If you are venturing into a business for the first time, you need to know how to register this to make your business transactions legal. Do not run the risk of getting your business closed down due to incomplete registration requirements or not registering it at all.

The first thing you need to accomplish is your business name’s registration. There are two ways to do this: submission to the DTI office or registering online. If you choose to register online, visit this site: Read the Terms and Conditions and then click on the “I Agree” button to proceed to the registration page. Note that even if you finish the online process, you still need to submit the documentary requirements to DTI within 15 days after your online registration. Otherwise, your application will be considered abandoned.

What I am going to share here is the manual process to register a business name. These are lifted from:

1.Choose a Business Name

We suggest you think of at least three business names in case your first preference cannot be registered.

If the name you have chosen is already similar or confusingly similar to a registered business name, your next preferred business name will be considered.

What is an acceptable business name?

In determining whether a proposed business name for a registration is acceptable, the following factors shall be considered:

The root word or words of the name shall be considered. (e.g. “Island” instead of “Islander”).

The business name should describe the nature of the business.

It should be comprised solely of any or all of the following:

Letter, numerals, and punctuation marks that are part of the English and Filipino language.

2. Search for a Business Name

An online search facility is provided in the WEBNRS for you to find registered business names in the Philippines. The search facility should not be used to determine the availability of a business name for registration. This can only be determined at the time of lodgment of an application to register a business name.

There are two search criteria available for the public, namely Begins With and Contains. You can conduct a search by typing the exact business name or a few words contained in a business name.

It would be best to enter the name you have chosen in the space provided exactly as you would like it to be registered.

Here is the online facility for checking business names:

3. Register Your Business Name

How do I complete the application?

Complete the BTRCP Form No. 16. Information marked with an asterisk (*) is a required field to be filled out. Otherwise, you will receive an error message prompting you to fill them before the succeeding page is displayed.

4. Submit Documentary Requirements

The list of documentary requirements to be submitted to the proper DTI Office where your business is located is indicated in the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) Acknowledgement found in the last page of the online application form.

The TRN Acknowledgement form should be signed and submitted to DTI also.

5. Pay Your Application

Payment of application fee can be made at the DTI office indicated in your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) acknowledgment form.

You have the option to pay through GCash. (To avail of GCash services, you have to register with Globe).

Business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Be reminded that if your name is suggestive of alien nationality, you need to submit a PSA Birth Certificate (formerly NSO Birth Certificate), PRC ID, Voter’s ID, or Passport. It is best that you have at least one of these ready upon application.

You may access the list of documentary requirements here.


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