The Tax Identification Number or TIN, and all other government-issued IDs such as your SSS, driver’s license, Pag-IBIG, Philhealth, and so on are all very important. As much as possible, you need to have these ready BEFORE you even begin working. Sadly though, how to get these pertinent IDs and numbers are not taught in school. You need to fumble on your own, maybe tag your Mom along, or, if push comes to shove, trust a fixer. Of course you won’t let it get to that.

So here is a practical guide to help you get your very own TIN. This will be required of you when you land your first job so it is best that you get one now before you get too busy with all the other documentary requirements of your employer.

These are lifted from the www.bir.gov.ph website and is focused on Individuals Earning Purely Compensation Income (yes, that’s you!):


Tax Form

BIR Form 1902 – Application for Registration For Individuals Earning Purely Compensation Income, and Non-Resident Citizens / Resident Alien Employee.

Documentary Requirements

  1. PSA Birth Certificate of the applicant or
  2. Passport (in case of non-resident alien not engaged in trade or business);
  3. Waiver of husband on his right to claim additional exemptions, if wife will claim (if you are not married, this does not apply to you);
  4. PSA Marriage Contract, if applicable.
  5. PSA Birth Certificates of declared dependents, if any.

If the husband wants to reacquire from his wife the privilege of claiming the additional exemption for the dependent children, he shall execute a cancellation of the previously-executed waiver of the privilege to claim additional exemptions in favor of his wife, which Notice of Cancellation of Waiver of the Privilege of Claiming the Additional Exemptions shall be filed separately, together with the registration update form, with the RDOs having jurisdiction over the registration of the husband and of the wife.


  1. Accomplish BIR Form 1902 and submit the same together with the documentary requirements to the employer.
  2. The employer shall accomplish the applicable sections of the application form.
  3. Submit BIR Form 1902 to the Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the place of office of the employer where such employee is expected to report for work.


New employees shall accomplish and file the application within ten (10) days from date of employment.


Once you get your TIN, you are officially considered a tax-paying individual and part of your earnings will automatically go to the government’s coffers. Make sure you have a valid TIN before you receive your first month’s salary.

Enjoy the workforce!