Investment Options with SSS and Pag-IBIG


Did you know that as an SSS and or Pag-IBIG member, you have the option to begin a small investment that is easy on the budget but earns more than when you keep your money in the bank?  Through the SSS PESO Fund and the Pag-IBIG MP2 Program, you can!

I summarized the highlights of both programs to help you decide which would work better for you.  This is highly recommended to those who have only started working and have paid the prescribed number of contributions for their SSS and Pag-IBIG membership.  Remember that this is apart from the regular monthly contributions you make out of your salary.

Read on!


What is the SSS PESO Fund?

PESO stands for Personal Equity and Savings Option.  It is an own-account voluntary provident fund offered exclusively to SSS members in addition to the Regular Coverage Program.  With a minimal amount of P1,000, an SSS member can activate his PESO account and begin a separate savings account with higher benefits.

Who can avail of the SSS PESO Fund?

  • SSS members who are 54 years old and below;
  • With at least 6 months consecutive contributions in the regular SSS program within the 12-month period immediately prior to the month of enrollment;
  • Self-employed, voluntary, and OFW members should be paying the maximum amount of contributions under the regular SSS program;
  • Have not filed any final claim under the regular SSS program.

How to Apply?

  • Download and fill out the online PF Enrollment Form from the MySSS portal (
  • Bring the duly accomplished form to any SSS branch near you.
  • Your membership to the SSS PESO Fund account will be activated as soon as you make your first contribution.

How much to activate my account?

  • A member is allowed to make a maximum of P100,000.00 contribution per year or
  • A minimum monthly contribution of P1,000.00.  Any amount below the minimum contribution amount shall not earn interest and be subject to automatic refund.
  • Payments should be made in multiples of P100.00.

Your contributions to the PESO fund are invested in sovereign guaranteed investments with earnings based on:

  • 5-year T-Bonds
  • 364-day Treasury Bill rates
  • Earnings are tax free
  • Retirement and Total Disability Benefits – this may be paid in monthly pension, lump sum, or combination of both upon contingency.
  • Death Benefits – this shall be paid in lump sum
  • Early Fund Withdrawal – 35% of the equity may be withdrawn.

Pag-IBIG MP2  (

The MP2 program took effect in 2010, earlier than the SSS PESO Fund.  It is an alternative savings scheme for Pag-IBIG members with an opportunity to earn higher interest rates compared with the Pag-IBIG membership program.

  • Minimum contribution of Php 500.00 per month
  • Terms of 5 years, renewable
  • Flexible dividend rates but always higher than Pag-IBIG 1
  • Contributions and earnings are government guaranteed.
  • You can save as much as you can; unlike with SSS PESO Fund where you are limited to Php 100,000.00 per year.
  • For Voluntary, Self-employed, and OFW members, you need to have paid at least Php 200.00 to your regular Pag-IBIG savings for the month before making your first payment for your MP2.
  • For Employed members, you need to pay at least Php 100.00.
  • You may claim your total MP2 savings and dividends after 5 years.  You may also renew and continue your savings for another 5 years.
  • There is no maximum age limit set by Pag-IBIG for MP2 registration and an individual can have more than one MP2 account.

Similar with the SSS PESO Fund, contributions to the MP2 Program are apart from your monthly PagIBIG contributions.  Earnings from the MP2 are tax-free.  The program is open to non-OFWs and OFWs who are Pag-IBIG members.

If you are interested to begin your own MP2 account, you may enroll online via the Online MP2 Enrollment System, right here:


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42 thoughts on “Investment Options with SSS and Pag-IBIG

  1. nag pa record lang ako sa pilipinas ng sss
    ni isang beses hindi ko pa po nahulogan
    ano po ang dapat kung gagawin

  2. I am interested on the Pag Ibig MP2 investment. What is the interest rate per annum? Can we make one time investments? Are you open on saturdays on your Mandaue branch to accept payments? Can we change our contribution? For example, we pay P 500, then the next month, you place a diferent amount

    1. Hi Angeli,

      We suggest you direct your questions to PagIBIG so you’d get the most accurate answers 🙂

      You may call them at 02 724 4244 or visit the nearest PagIBIG branch.


    1. Hi Mary,

      Unemployed, PWD can become members of PagIBIG as voluntary members.

      Here’s how you can join:

      1. Accomplish and submit two (2) copies of the MDF and all required supporting documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division of the concerned Pag-IBIG branch office (bring all originals for authentication).

      2. Secure a Payment Order Form (POF) from the Marketing and Enforcement Division, and then proceed to the Cash Division for payment of initial Membership Contributions (MC).

      3. Present all verified/stamped documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division.

      4. Secure a Payment Order Form before proceeding to Cash Division for payment of contribution.

      Hope this helps!


  3. Ask ko lng po if pede po ma entitle o makatanggap papa ko ng sss pension kahit 3months lng sya nkahulog sa sss contribution last 2001 an senior citizen na po siya ngayon?tnk you po in advnce

    1. Hi Vic,

      May dalawang paraan para ma-determine kung qualified sa SSS pension ang isang SSS member:

      1. You are 60 years old and are no longer working or have ceased to be self-employed. You have made at least 120 monthly contributions before the semester of retirement.

      2. You are 65 years old – may be employed or not – and have made at least 120 monthly contributions before the semester of retirement.


      1. para ma qualified sa pension aside sa age dapat nakapag contribute ka ng 120months contri. pag below lump sum ang makukuha. mas okay if didirecho ka nalang sa SSS for further details bring basic info. ni papa po specially SSS number, birthdate & any valid nyong 2.

  4. Kmusta po puedi po ba akong sumali sa mp2 sa july po 55 yrs old na ako nakaulog na po akong 135 months ofw yung mababa lang po ang kinuha ko nag ulog akong jan to june 2017 kung baga advance ulog ko paano po ako makasali sa mp2 na yan salamat po sa reply

  5. Napatigil po ang aking asawa s paghuhulog sa pag ibig, ng halos 6 na taon dahil nagresign po siya at nag abroad. Ngayon po ay kailangan namin mag apply ng housing loan.. Pero s pagkakaalam ko po ay nakaapat na taon na siyang nakahulog. Posible kami maaprobahan?

  6. Hi mam/ sss n po kc ako 24months n ang nahulog ko .gusto ko po ipadagos pag hulog ..paanu po ba ..

    1. Hi Sunnylane,

      Ang ibig mo bang sabihin ay ipag-patuloy ang pag hulog?

      Pwede mong ituloy ang paghuhulog sa SSS mo at mas mabuti kung ito ay tuloy tuloy, walang malilibanan na buwan, para mapakinabangan mo ang mga benepisyo mo mula sa SSS.


      1. Balak KO po mag pamember ng page ibig at byaran ung 2 yrs. Kpg nkbyad na po ba ako pwede na po ako magloan para sa bahay na gusto KO kunin na rent to own?

      2. Hi Rochelle,

        Ayon sa website ng Pagibig:

        1. Must be a member under the Pag-IBIG I, Pag-IBIG II or Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) for at least twenty-four (24) months, as evidenced by the remittance of at least 24 monthly contributions at the time of loan application.

        2. A member with less than the required number of contributions applying for a Pag-IBIG housing loan shall be allowed to make lump sum payment based on the mandatory monthly membership contribution rates (both EE and ER share) to meet the said requirement at point of loan application provided he has been a contributing member of the Fund for at least twelve (12) months. Lump sum payment of membership contributions shall be considered a single contribution for the applicable month as of the payment date.

        Pwede mong basahin ang buong guidelines sa housing loan dito:


  7. hi.. just wanna ask. can we have our employers deduct money from our salary and send it to sss the same as the monthly sss contribution that we have?

  8. Employed po aq… If mg apply po aq ng MP2… employer q n po b ang bhlang mghulog nun for me? Or aq po mismo nid pmunta sa pag ibig branch para mghulog??

    1. For PAG IBIG pwede mo ito acquire online then yung company mo ang makikipag coordinate kung paano i de duct yung investment fund na kukunin mo pero i advise mo din yung office mo kung ginawa mo na ito. Regarding sa SSS naman pupunta ka sa malapit na SSS office para dito.

  9. Mag gusto ko pong sumali o maghulog po sa flexi fun at mp2 ang kaso nga lang dito ako sa taiwan paano po ba salamat po

    1. You can inquire in any sss branch near you then inform them that you have defaulted in paying your salary loan. You can apply for the condonation of penalty if the program is still available.

    2. punta ka now sa nearest sss branch…
      may loan restructuring application until april 27, 2017…
      take advantage of this

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