10 Weekend Activities the Family Can Enjoy


Weekends need not be spent sleeping in late and just bumming around the house. After the kids have finished their home works, you can try exploring the great outdoors, start on a family craft project, or organize a movie night, complete with homemade pizza, popcorn, and fruit shakes! It doesn’t have to be an expensive activity and you don’t necessarily have to go far (although an out-of-town trip is always exciting). Here are some ideas you can do right at home, in the yard, and can be a way to get the kids to help in some major chores at home!

  1. Family bike rides.

Don’t wait until summer vacation before you dust off your bike. Take them out now for some fun rides with the kids while the weather is still a bit cool. Look for a safe bike lane in a park near you or just go around the village.

2. Have a garage sale.

We all have some stuff in our rooms that are no longer useful to us but are still relatively new and functional to be thrown away. Why not gather up all unused toys, clothes, home decors, game boards, bags, books, and any other item that’s simply lying around in the house and set up a weekend garage sale? You can cash in a few bucks while getting rid of all your excess stuff.

3. Search for the constellations.

Clear up the front yard and spread a thick blanket or banig where you and the kids can lie down at night while you search for constellations. You can try downloading mobile apps that help locate stars and constellations to make it more fun!

4. Put together survival/first aid kits.

Mommies, you can take a quick trip to a local drug store or supermarket and shop for the basic contents of a survival kit or a first aid kit. Each child can collect his materials and put together his own kit. You can give them a fun lecture on when and how to use the first aid kits.

5. Create a Family Recipe Book.

Each member of the family has a favorite dish. Why not create a crafty recipe book for each dish? You can personalize each recipe with the person’s photos, handwritten notes, and other knickknacks. You can add more recipes as each child develops new food preferences; before you know it, you have an heirloom of family recipes that you can pass on to the next generation.

6. Work on a puzzle.

If your kids are 8 years or older, you can challenge them to put together a puzzle that has more than 100 pieces. When done, have the finished product framed. This will inspire them to work on more difficult images and eventually develop a hobby on puzzles.

7. Go on a family picnic.

Pack your picnic baskets with barbecue, adobo, vegetables, sandwiches, and lots of fruits. Fill up your water jugs with juice. Whip out a blanket or two (or your trusty banig) and head out to the nearest park (the La Mesa Ecopark is highly recommended) and have lunch al fresco.

8. Have a home “professional” photo shoot.

Dress up, put on some make-up, and click away! Turn a room in your house into a photo studio, complete with different backdrops, costumes, and wigs. Let the kids’ imagination run free!

9. Paint a bedroom.

Let the kids choose the color they want for a room, a cabinet, or a table (whatever item they would like to paint). Gear them up for “paint day” and let them work on the areas that they can easily reach. Consider buying the odorless types of paint; also, use rollers instead of paint brushes that can get heavy after several dips in the paint bucket.

10. Start a family garden.

If you don’t have an area for soil planting, you can buy clay pots and stack them neatly on a garden shelf or a stainless steel divider. You can start with easy-to-grow herbs and medicinal plants. Create a schedule for each child’s turn to water the plants.

Kids look forward to weekends so they can take time off from schoolwork. Make it more exciting for them with planned activities where everyone can participate. Weekend family fun can also discourage kids from looking for fun elsewhere.

Try any of these activities and share your experiences here! Happy weekend!

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