Mom Burnout: Causes and Cures

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In my hunt for topics that are meaningful to parents — official documents, IDs, passports — things that are most often required in children’s schools and other activities, I came across some useful tips for Moms too.  I’m sharing it here for all the Moms out there who need a minute or two of peace and quiet.  Share your tips too!


You know it all too well. You wake up with a nagging headache, you go through the breakfast routines, make sure the kids are up and ready for school, the husband fed and his clothes pressed. By the time the brood is out of the crib, you feel tired already. You sit down with your coffee and tablet and browse through your Facebook timeline. Before you know it, it’s lunch time! You have less than five hours to breeze through all your errands before you need to pick up the kids. And you realize you are still in your pajamas: tired, hungry, and with a string of chores waiting to be done.

All of us are guilty of prioritizing the least important things in our to-do list, mainly because these are the easiest and most fun to accomplish. Anything that requires us to go online is almost always welcome; we call these our “happy-to-be-interrupted” excuses. Checking an email or a text message in the middle of putting away the groceries or waiting for the dryer to sound off would sometimes be the gateway to a 30-minute session on Twitter or Pinterest. And that’s thirty minutes we can never take back.

And then again, there are the habits we have developed over time that have somehow become normal. We thought that as we age, we need less time to sleep and rest. We think we are capable of hurling everything in the washer and get everything – from clothes, to beddings, to curtains and pillows – washed, dried, and neatly piled in closets and drawers.

At the end of the day, we are extremely exhausted; sadly sometimes, irritable and withdrawn from our families.

What are these things that cause you to be tired beyond your capacity as a mom? Let’s find out together and see how we can replace these with more positive activities:

1.Checking your email every time your phone sounds off.

Decided on a specific hour of the day (not upon waking up!) to check and reply to emails; prioritize between urgent and important.

2. Cleaning everything all in a day.

Unless you’re having visitors over, schedule your clean-ups so that you have one or two areas that you will focus on each day. Do not try to clean the whole house, put everything in order, dust, and organize all in one weekend.

3. Reading your Facebook feed when bored or tired.

When you need to cool off from your chores or take a break from running to the grocery store and putting everything away, take a quick nap or read a good book instead of browsing through Facebook. It is filled with links that will encourage you to stray farther and farther from your main goal which is to rest.

4. Not getting enough sleep and waking up too late.

When you were younger, staying up late was pure bliss. Whether spent in the comfort of your room, curled up in bed with a book or a night out with the girls, the evening hours were your best friends. But now that your days are filled with mommy duties, any opportunity to snooze is always welcome. Go to bed early whenever you can; wake up a bit later than usual during weekends. You deserve it.

5. Waking up and checking your email first.

Allowing yourself a few undisturbed minutes in bed after you are fully awake makes a lot of difference; you feel more relaxed and energized. Save your online tasks for later.

6. Lulling yourself to sleep with a game from your tablet or phone.

The same reason why you should not check your email first thing in the morning; you don’t want to go to sleep feeling disturbed and agitated because you failed to meet your goal in that time management game you recently downloaded. Make your room a place of rest and relaxation.

7. Too much junk food in-between meals.

Stock up on cereals and fruits instead. Junk food such as chips are loaded with sodium that promote water retention in the body. You wouldn’t want all that extra baggage with you, do you?

8. Not drinking enough water.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you drink water; thirst is the first sign of dehydration. A 700ml drinking bottle will help you monitor your water intake throughout the day better than when you drink with a glass. Three refills of your 700ml bottle ensures that you’ve had at least two liters of fluid for the day.

9. Filling your calendar with too much to-do lists.

Some people feel more in-control when they have endless to-do lists on their planners. But if you can organize your lists to make it easier to read and cross out as you go through your day, that’s better.

10. Leaving the TV on while you do your chores.

Try playing some upbeat music you are familiar to instead of letting the TV drone on the whole morning.

Try these simple tricks daily and see how it can help improve your energy level. Be able to do more without exhausting yourself too much. Always remember to keep a positive spirit before your exit your bedroom every morning.

Until next week, Mommies! Happy weekend!


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