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Here’s an update regarding claiming your passports during the releasing part. Did you know that you will need a Special Power of Attorney if you will ask a non-relative to claim your passport?


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DFA Passport Information:

Updated Guidelines for the Release of Passports

1. Incapability of the applicant to release his/her passport

In case the claimant is a representative of the passport applicant, he shall be required to submit a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) issued only by the applicant stating the reasons for the failure to personally claim the passport and for the loss of official receipt (as the case maybe). The SPA should be accompanied by the applicant’s old passport for cancellation and ID issued by the Philippine government, or the host government, if abroad.

2. Loss of Official Receipt

If the passport applicant lost the official receipt and he personally appears to claim his passport, then the concerned FSP or RCO shall verify payment from its records. Upon confirmation of payment, the passport shall be released to the applicant following the cancellation of his/her old passport.

May this serve as a guide to you 🙂