Your Best Guide to the Kasambahay Law

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

The onset of  RA 10361 or the Kasambahay Law has had many employers thinking about the pertinent points of the new law and the possible effects this would have on the employment of domestic helpers or Kasambahays.

Research, symposiums, meetings, news, and other materials covered the discussion the finer points of the law, and of course, I tried my own research and found this:

slide1-titleslide2-descriptionslide10-employment contractslide4-social benefits

These are just the initial infographic summary of some of the important points. There are a lot of things that still covers the law.

You can view the whole articles of the law in this link.

You can view the full infographic here.

I also found a quick guide on the registration procedures needed for employers and Kasambahays:

Click this link to read the registration guide.

I hope these information helps you understand and better comply with the new requirements of the law.




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5 thoughts on “Your Best Guide to the Kasambahay Law

  1. Good eve! Ask ko lang po sa BC ko yung name ko po kasi is Jedmar yun po tlga hingmit ko kahit sa ibang valid id pero sa nso ko po is “Jed Mar” may space ano po ba dapat gawin at may bayad po ba ito? Thanks

  2. Salamat poh s pgsagot ng tanong qo.pwd dn poh b n s poea n lng dn poh aqo mgbyad ng owwa?at mgkano poh lahat ag ba2yaran qo s pgkuha ng balik manggagawa at owwa?my ngsbi dn poh s akn n kng nd dw 1500riyal ag mging sahod qo nd dw aqo mkablik ult d2 s saudi,totoo poh b?kc parang nd naman aqo bgyn ng amo n ganyang sahod eh,please pki sagot poh,salamat.

    1. Yung tungkol sa sahod hindi ko alam kung may policy na ganyan pero proteksyon nyo pa din yan bilang OFW. Yung OEC kasama yung pag update ng mga contribution mo mga 4k aabutin yan.

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