Bonjour. Mabuhay.

I recently tried the online site service.

It seems like an upgraded version of the site where you can chat and request for an NSO certificate.

I realized that because that old site redirected me to this new one.

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Anyways, since I needed an certificate for me new born baby boy, I pressed on to the following steps:


I logged in the website, which is the name itself, and was directed to a landing page with the following options: Order Now, Pay Online, Check Status, FAQs.


I clicked on the Order Now button and was directed to a page where an image of a girl (animated) greeted me and asked me what document I want to request. I chose Birth Certificate and I was directed to a list of quick questions with quick clickable answer choices: What is the purpose (passport). Have I applied for it before (no). This then directed me to the application form page.


After clicking my answers above, I was directed to a form. I placed the name, gender, date of birth and other personal data like parents, and delivery address and I was done. Clicked submit and I immediately received a 10-digit reference number.


Next step: payment for my request. I was given 3 choices: Pay via Metrobank deposit, pay at Bayad Center, or use my ATM to pay via BANCNET. I chose the BANCNET option.

They even had step by step instructions on how to make payment on the various choices with a mock-up of the actual deposit slip for Metrobank or Bayad Center or the process for BANCNET.


With my online payment confirmed, I was then directed to the delivery procedure page. Listed in this page are the necessary requirements needed to receive my NSO BC. I needed to have a valid ID. If I was not around, I can leave an authorization letter so someone else can receive it. I can even download a sample authorization letter directly from the site.

I was informed to expect delivery of my NSO birth certificate within 2-3 days.

It took me about 20-25 minutes all in all. Not bad. I managed to get my baby’s BC processed while researching on another blog topic.

I tell you, this is the best way in getting an NSO birth certificate online in the comfort of your own desk.