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What is the SSS Flexi-fund?

The SSS Flexi-fund is a voluntary, provident fund for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). It is an additional service provided by the SSS on top of the regular OFW membership.

Why do I need to join the SSS Flexi-fund Program?

The SSS, through the Flexi-fund Program, provides OFWs the opportunity to set aside a part of their earnings abroad and maximize the returns on their Flexi-fund contributions. Your accumulated funds are investments for the future. It is offered as a supplement to SSS benefits, which you are entitled to as a regular OFW member, by promoting savings generation, thus serving as your additional layer of social security protection.

Who may enroll in the SSS Flexi-fund?

The Flexi-fund is open to all OFWs who are:

  • recruited in the Philippines by foreign-based employers for work abroad;
  • having a source of income in a foreign country; or
  • residing permanently in a foreign country.

What benefits am I entitled to under the Flexi-fund Program?

As a Flexi-fund member, you will receive additional income from your savings in your Flexi-fund account, on top of the benefits under your regular SSS coverage. Members who reach the retirement age of 60, or become disabled or get injured at work, are entitled to Flexi-fund benefits, either in the form of a monthly pension, lump-sum payment, or combination of both. Beneficiaries of a pensioner who has passed away shall be given a lump sum amount equivalent to the cash value of the remaining pension.

Why is the SSS Flexi-fund a good investment?

The contributions that you remit to the SSS Flexi-fund are invested in government securities. The interest earned by your Flexi-fund deposits is based on the average 91-day Treasury bill rate, thus ensuring a transparent, high-yielding and risk-free investment of your hard-earned income abroad.

What may Flexi-fund investments be used for?

The SSS Flexi-fund provides good security for your future and your family’s. Primarily, the program aims to supplement your pension benefits. Aside from this, you may apply for early withdrawal of Flexi-fund savings to support urgent financial needs when your overseas employment contract ends. It can also be used to finance schooling, construction of a house or a small business of your own.

When may I withdraw my SSS Flexi-fund contributions?

An OFW member may withdraw his Flexi-fund contributions with interest, either in full or partial lump sum, anytime, especially in times of need.

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10 thoughts on “SSS Flexi-Fund

  1. Magkano po nagiging pension ng ofw ?consistenr payment 10yrs maximum contrubution po ang hinihulog monthly for 10yrs….pls i need a reply.tnx god bless

    And gusto ko pong malaman ang contribution ko ks po gusto kung icontinue ito throught flexi fund.but i lost my sss id ndukutan po aq ng wallet.but now im here in mongolia it is possible to process with my family in the phils.?kindly send my sss#to my email?tnx

    1. Blogger ho ako at walang connection sa SSS kaya hindi ko ho mabibigay ang SSS number nyo. Depende sa SSS computation ang pension nyo. Pwede namang kamag anak ang mag asikaso nito para sa iyo ipa inquire mo lang kung kailangan ng SPA.

  2. Anu po itong tinatawag na flexii fund,,kc ung asawa ko pauwi na at wla kmi source of income?cia lng kc nagtrabho amin dalawa.

  3. Tanong ko lang po sir kung pano kami makaapply nitong flexifund.member po kami ng sss magasawa.pwede po bang inlaws ko magprocess nito sa pinas.bali dadagdagan na lang po yong aming sss conrtibusion para sa flexifund.kc po ala pong branch office d2 sa korea,thank you

    1. What is the SSS Flexi-fund?

      The SSS Flexi-fund is a voluntary provident fund for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It is an additional of the SSS
      on top of its regular OFW membership. The program gives OFWs the opportunity to set aside part of their earnings
      abroad and maximise the return on their Flexi-fund contributions, thus providing good security for their future.

      What are the benefits under the Flexi-fund program?

      The Flexi-fund Program is a pension plan and savings account rolled into one. Promarily, it aims to supplement the
      pension benefits under regular OFW coverage. Members who reach retirement or become disabled will recieve
      their benefits, equal to their Flexi-fund contributions plus earnings either in the form of monthly pension, lump-sum
      payment or combination of both.

      Why is the SSS Flexi-fund a good investment?

      Flexi-fund contributions are invested entirely in government securities. Interest earnings are computed based on
      the average 91-day Treasury bill rate, thus ensuring a transparent, high yield and risk-freee investment of members’
      hard-earned income abroad.

      Who may enroll in the Flexi-fund Program?

      The flexi fund program is exclusive to OFW members who are paying contributions based on the prevailing maximum
      monthly salary credit (MSC) under the regular SSS coverage prgram. Enrollment is done using the SSS OW-1 Form,
      indicating application for flexi fund membership, to be submitted to our SSS representative office.

      How can OFWs contribute to the SSS Flexi-fund?

      Contributions can be made anytime, provided the Flexi-fund member has paid the maximum monthly SSS contribution
      (currently at P1,560.00) for the applicable period. Any amount not less than P200 (£2 depending on the exchange rate),
      paid in excess of the required contribution will be posted to the member’s Flexi-fund account and earn interest. (e.g., if
      total payment for applicable month of January is P2,000, the amount of P1,560 will be for regular SSS and P440 for

      Can Flexi-fund deposits also be withdrawn?

      Flexi-fund deposits may be withdrawn after 5 years. Flexi-fund members may apply for withdrawal of their accumulated
      funds, either in full or partial lump-sum, in case of financial needs.

      What are the requirements?

      For all Flexi-fund benefit claims, including early withdrawals, use SSS Form DDR-2, which is also downloadable from this
      website. This should be submitted to our SSS branch, together with 1×1 ID picture and photocopy SSS ID card
      or passport for claim settlement.

      According sa procedure na yan downloadable yung form at yung mga requirements na kailangan ay isa submit lang sa SSS office. Siguro mas maganda na POEA SSS na lang i submit yung form nyo pag ka accomplish nyo.

  4. ask ko po sir about sa bc q po my mali po sa spelling s midle nym q.panu po un sa sss ”be ” po pero po sa bc q ”bi” alin po dpat kung ayusin at anu ang dpat? sna po ma recve q gad ang reply nyo,tnx po

    1. Ano ba ang tamang spelling?
      Kung tama ang NSO, pabago mo ang SSS.

      Kung mali ang NSO, file ka ng correction of entry sa local civil registrar for the wrong letter.

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