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Know something new for OFWs and the SSS Flexi-Fund.


What is the SSS Flexi-fund?

The SSS Flexi-fund is a voluntary, provident fund for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). It is an additional service provided by the SSS on top of the regular OFW membership.

Why do I need to join the SSS Flexi-fund Program?

The SSS, through the Flexi-fund Program, provides OFWs the opportunity to set aside a part of their earnings abroad and maximize the returns on their Flexi-fund contributions. Your accumulated funds are investments for the future. It is offered as a supplement to SSS benefits, which you are entitled to as a regular OFW member, by promoting savings generation, thus serving as your additional layer of social security protection.

Who may enroll in the SSS Flexi-fund?

The Flexi-fund is open to all OFWs who are:

  • recruited in the Philippines by foreign-based employers for work abroad;
  • having a source of income in a foreign country; or
  • residing permanently in a foreign country.

What benefits am I entitled to under the Flexi-fund Program?

As a Flexi-fund member, you will receive additional income from your savings in your Flexi-fund account, on top of the benefits under your regular SSS coverage. Members who reach the retirement age of 60, or become disabled or get injured at work, are entitled to Flexi-fund benefits, either in the form of a monthly pension, lump-sum payment, or combination of both. Beneficiaries of a pensioner who has passed away shall be given a lump sum amount equivalent to the cash value of the remaining pension.

Why is the SSS Flexi-fund a good investment?

The contributions that you remit to the SSS Flexi-fund are invested in government securities. The interest earned by your Flexi-fund deposits is based on the average 91-day Treasury bill rate, thus ensuring a transparent, high-yielding and risk-free investment of your hard-earned income abroad.

What may Flexi-fund investments be used for?

The SSS Flexi-fund provides good security for your future and your family’s. Primarily, the program aims to supplement your pension benefits. Aside from this, you may apply for early withdrawal of Flexi-fund savings to support urgent financial needs when your overseas employment contract ends. It can also be used to finance schooling, construction of a house or a small business of your own.

When may I withdraw my SSS Flexi-fund contributions?

An OFW member may withdraw his Flexi-fund contributions with interest, either in full or partial lump sum, anytime, especially in times of need.

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