POEA: Vacationing OFWs: Get your exit clearance early

Bonjour. Mabuhay.   News flash for OFWs vacationing for the holidays: ======================= “Avoid the rush. Avoid the long lines”. Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac advised balik manggagawa or overseas Filipino workers spending the holiday season in the Philippines to get their overseas employment certificate or exit clearance early and not get caught with the last-minuteContinue reading “POEA: Vacationing OFWs: Get your exit clearance early”


E-Commerce Law in the Philippines

Bonjour. Mabuhay. Was going around the internet when I read something about the E-commerce Law. Maybe useful info specially in light of the highly publicized Anti-Cybercrime Law. Read on:   Here are the salient features of Republic Act 8792 : (source: http://digitalfilipino.com/salient-features-of-republic-act-8792-the-e-commerce-law/) by Janette Toral 1. It gives legal recognition of electronic data messages, electronicContinue reading “E-Commerce Law in the Philippines”