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Since we are encountering a ton of inquiries regarding the common NSO certificate problems.

Here are some FAQs that you will surely find useful.



What is a vital event record?

A vital event record is a legal document entered in the civil register which attests to the occurrence and characteristics of a vital event. Vital events include births, deaths, marriages, among others.



If the first name on my birth certificate is different from the one that I use in all my documents and government IDs, what will I do?

File a petition for a change of first name with the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where your birth was registered. You will be required to submit supporting documents and government clearances, and to publish the petition in a newspaper of general circulation.



My middle name in my birth certificate is spelled wrong. How can I correct it?

You may file a petition for correction of clerical error at the LCRO where your birth was registered. You will be required to submit documents that reflect the correct spelling of your middle name/ mother’s maiden name.



I need to apply for a passport but could not get a copy of my birth certificate from the NSO. I was told that the NSO does not have my birth record on file. What do I need to do?

Apply for late registration at the LCRO of your place of birth. Late registration is a tedious process and will require you to produce supporting documents as proof of your birth details. From the LCRO, your birth record will then be endorsed to the NSO for the issuance of the NSO copy of your birth certificate.



I was born an illegitimate child. My parents got married several years after I was born. Am I now considered legitimate?

Yes. Legitimation occurs when your parents marry, after you were born. But your parents must not have any legal impediment to marry at the time of your birth. You are then considered a legitimate child.



As an illegitimate child, how can I be allowed to use my father’s surname even if my parents are not married?

According to RA 9255, an illegitimate child may carry his/ her father’s surname, by filing an Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father (AUSF) and then have this registered at the LCRO where you were born.



What will I do if I was born female, but registered as male in my birth certificate?

You need to file a case in court for correction of this error.


Correction of errors in entries of citizenship, date of birth, surname, status or gender of the petitioner are not among those errors that can be corrected with the LCRO under RA 9048.


I hope this summary helps.