Bonjour. Mabuhay.

It’s still the early part of the year and the traditional mad rush to get passports, birth certificates, and other documents will soon start off like a cacophony of sounds and dazzling lights.

Year in and year out, Pinoys are mentally bound by the habit of rushing on the extreme point of need, cramming up on the latest possible time, thinking na kaya matapos yung mga kailangang dokumento at proseso kung sila mismo ang gagawa.
Year in and year out, maraming Pinoy ang naiinis dahil hindi nila agad naasikaso yung dapat nilang magawa and they have to cancel trips, opportunities, and potential life changing plans dahil may problema pala yung records nila or simply, it took them a day or two more beyond the deadline para matapos ito.

So, I’m going to give you the first TIP of the year and I hope you keep in in mind.

The first weeks of the first month of the year is always the best time to have your documents processed. Why? Kasi everybody is in vacation mode, or at worst, in their “tamad” mode. Ningas Kugon mentality right?

Beat that mentality and grind it on the ground. Act early and you will  be surprised on how easy the year will roll out for you. It is better to be ready for anything than to be late for something that could have been a great thing for you this year.

Plan ahead. Act ahead. Be ahead.

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