POEA: Verify job order before paying agency fees

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Always watch out for fixers.

Former OFW from Taiwan Kenneth Villasor applied for a job as a factory worker in Malaysia through Camox Philippines Inc. in February 2011. The agency demanded a placement fee amounting to P30,000 and an additional loanable amount of P30,000—with assurance of work the following month.

Last May 21, 2011, Villasor sought help from Bantay OCW to withdraw his passport from the agency and ask for a refund of the P30,000 that he paid the agency.

Bantay OCW without delay coordinated with lawyer Alejandro Padaen of the Adjudication Division of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). After their first conciliation hearing last June 15, Camox Philippines Inc. refunded the OFW’s money and his documents.

At the same time, Jane Tagaruma, head of operations of Camox Philippines, Inc., sent a letter to the Bantay OCW program demanding an apology for accusing their agency of illegally hiring OFWs.

Tagaruma said it was also not true that the agency had no job order (JO) from their principal in Malaysia. She pointed out that their JO was approved by POEA on May 30, 2011 and was valid until May 30, 2015.

She also pointed out that the complainant, Villasor, signed a quit claim at the POEA when his money and documents were returned last June 15, 2011. The agency was not an “illegal recruiter.”

Upon verification with the POEA Information Desk, OCW confirmed that Camox Philippines, Inc. was a licensed, recruitment agency in good standing and did have an approved job order for factory workers bound for Malaysia.

However, we did note that OFW Villasor applied at Camox on February 2011, three months before the job order was granted. Lawyer Jovencio Abara, Chief of the Legal Assistance Division (LAD) of POEA, told us that even though licensed recruitment agencies with pending job orders can recruit applicants for manpower pooling, still, they cannot solicit payment until their job order has been approved and they can issue a contract.

Villasor, during the radio interview, had stated that he was repeatedly assured of deployment during the months of March, April and May but to his disappointment, it did not happen.

This information led to preparations for the filing of a case of illegal recruitment against the agency until the complainant decided to settle for his money back last June 15, 2011.http://globalnation.inquirer.net/13673/verify-job-order-before-paying-agency-fees

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