NSO Serbilis Center Map Guides

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Looking for the nearest NSO Serbilis outlet? You can find help in this website page where a travel guide, a Google map, and suggestions are presented in clean layout to assist your decisions.

A number of Census Serbilis Centers (CSCs) in Metro Manila and in various regional centers and key cities / municipalities have been opened for the convenience of the public applying for copies of birth, marriage, death certificates and certificate of no marriage record (CENOMAR) for local and foreign use. Applications may be made in person by the owner or by his/her duly authorized representative.

Metro Manila Outlets

Census Serbilis Caloocan
Census Serbilis East Ave., Quezon City
Census Serbilis Makati
Census Serbilis Muntinlupa
Census Serbilis Pasay
Census Serbilis Pasig

Regional Outlets (soon to come…I Hope) 🙂


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2 thoughts on “NSO Serbilis Center Map Guides

    1. Isabelle, it should be near the Caloocan City Hall. 140 per document and it should take a day or two. You can also try NSO Helpline by calling 7371111 and your NSO cert can be delivered in 2 days. 330 pesos naman yun.

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