MMDA Smoking Ban Hotlines To Call

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

I;m sure you all know about the new smoking ban in the Metro.
In case you want to report yuing matitigas ang ulo, these are the numbers to call:

MMDA: 136
LTFRB: 0921448777

LTFRB kapag nasa public utility vehicle or private vehicle na smoking in a non smoking area with windows down.
Let’s do our part to help one another.


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2 thoughts on “MMDA Smoking Ban Hotlines To Call

  1. Thanks for the number, now I know who to report establishments/persons who still violate this law.. I was at Banapple Thomas Morato earlier and there were customers who were still puffing away. When I called the attention of the waitress, she said that they have not received any memo regarding the smoking ban..

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