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Vacationing OFW ka ba? I’m sure you already know about the Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC) and the benefits it entails.
Here’s some news update for you:

DUBAI: Philippine Labour Attache Amilbahar Amilasan said Filipinos from Dubai and the Northern Emirates, vacationing in their home country, must secure their overseas employment certificates (OECs) from the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (Polo) in Al Wuheida, Dubai.

The reminder, which has also uploaded on, was issued “amidst reports that a number of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) going back to the UAE experienced problems at the Philippine Airport during the exit procedures. (Some said) that they had been offloaded when they failed to present their employment contract verified by the (Polo),” said Amilasan.

Amilasan told The Gulf Today that the problems involved OFWs who originally left the Philippines on visit visa to the UAE and therefore had no records with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). According to him, this is why immigration officers demanded that they present their Polo-verified employment contract, labour card, company license and a letter from the human resources department, which attests their employment.

Amilasan said the strictness of authorities is because Manila is determined to curb incidents of human trafficking and “should be appreciated.”

OECs, with a 60-day validity date, may be obtained from any of the POEA and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration offices in the Philippines as well as from the Philippine diplomatic and labour missions around the world.

Amilasan said it is better that Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, especially former visit visa holders, get theirs from Polo-Dubai, to ensure that they already have the necessary document before vacationing.

Over 100 OFWs queue in for OECs at Polo-Dubai every day. The number increases in March and April (in time for the graduation of students in the Philippines), as well as November and December (Christmas holidays).

The OEC, at Dhs10, is the travel exit pass of returning OFWs to their jobsites from any Philippine international airport and seaport and which exempts them from travel tax and airport terminal fee. It is required by the POEA to ensure their safety and protection as it states their exit date and their destination.

You can also have your OEC delivered via Check it out.

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