NSO Birth Certificate – School Enrollment Requirements

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

With the coming month of May, school enrollment is just around the corner. Students from grade school to high school level all the way to college freshmen will need a lot of requirements in order to finish all the enrollment procedures.

One of the main requirements would be the child’s NSO birth certificate. This is to ensure that the school records of the child will be official and that future documentations like diplomas and grade records all bear the same name and information.

The worst thing that can happen is that your school records do not match your official NSO record. That would be a big problem down the line when the child (now grown up) wants to get a passport or visa to go abroad. Local problems may also arise from this discrepancy.

The best way to avoid this is to get your child’s NSO birth certificate copy. Save your child the misery of having to deal with corrections when he or she grows up. Save yourself the problem of having to discover that your child has no record at the NSO. Request for it now and know the real score.

NSO certificates can be requested by going to your nearest NSO serbilis center. A list of serbilis centers can be found on this blog link.

You can also opt for NSO Helpline’s delivery service. You can call 7371111 or chat at www.birthcertificates.com.ph for nationwide delivery services for an extra fee.

Remember, it pays to be prepared. It pays much more to be prepared early.



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2 thoughts on “NSO Birth Certificate – School Enrollment Requirements

  1. Hello
    This Nida Felix,i would like to know the requirements for my kids if my sister in law got there in your office,
    I wasn’t there in Philippines so i told my sister in law to get my sons nso.
    What kind of requirement she must to bring

    I hope to hear from hour reply

    Thank you

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