LTO Vanity Plate FAQs


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on VLP

Q: How much is the cost of the vanity license plate?
A: Three categories are proposed:
Limited Edition, floor price P50,000.00 by public auction
Premium Edition P15,000.00 fixed cost
Select Edition P10,000.00 fixed cost

Q: How long can we secure the vanity plate?
A: Assuming that all documentation are in order, a five (5) working days
within Metro Manila. In the provinces it might take a little longer.

Q: Where can we apply for a vanity license plate?
A: All motorists may apply for the vanity license plates at LTO, Central Office,
MID-Computer Section, East Avenue, Quezon City. Eventually, you can
apply at any LTO Regional/District Office, or at this Website. Procedures
will be posted later.

Q: Will duplicate alpha numeric combination be allowed?
A: Available alpha-numeric combination shall only be issued one for every
motorist applicant. It will be on a first come first serve basis. No repetition
or duplicate will be allowed.

Q: In the event that a vanity plate is destroyed, vandalized or lost, how
can I get a replacement?

A: Legally, this will be replaced by the same alpha numeric combination after
payment of a replacement fee. However, the motorist shall be given an
alternative to replace his alpha numeric combination upon payment of the
required fee, the cost of which shall be based on new vanity plate. The
old vanity plate shall already be placed on alarm/storage and can no
longer be re-issued.

Q: If I still have a valid commemorative plate, can I avail of the vanity
license plate?

A: No, If you did not disclose that you have a valid commemorative plate and
you install the vanity plate at the rear of the motor vehicle as prescribed,
your vanity plate and commemorative plate might be confiscated and a
fine will be imposed if caught.

Q: Can a foreigner acquire or secure a vanity plate for souvenir?
A: No, the issuance of Vanity License Plate is limited only in the Philippines
and can only be issued to a motorist with a registered motor vehicle.

Q: Can I give the vanity plate as gift?
A: Yes, provided that the recipient of the gift is a registered owner of a motor

Q: I bought a new motor vehicle but was not yet issued a license plate,
can I avail of the vanity plate?

A: No, vanity license plate can only be issued to a motorist with a registered
motor vehicle already issued a regular LTO license plate.

Q: Can I reserve my favorite vanity plate number?
A: Yes, a payment in the amount of P1,000.00 shall be collected as
reservation fee valid only for 30 days. If unclaimed after 30 days, the said
amount shall be subject to forfeiture in favor of the government.


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  1. hindi naman totoo yan e! yung akin one month na pero wala parin. paano ba i-reklamo yan? gobyerno natin niloloko tayo

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