Bonjour. Mabuhay.

Heard some tales of people being victimized by fixers who facilitate passport appointment scheduling. Some of the stories I heard mentions of people being charged as high as 2 thousand pesos just to get an appointment schedule. Now that is big time swindling.

I know that some people are not tech savvy, but for sure, one or two of your relatives might know how to use the internet. Logging in to is not that hard, and getting a passport appointment is not that hard too. Madali lang naman kung pagtutuunan ng pansin at pang unawa. And reminder lang, FREE or LIBRE and pagkuha ng passport appointment.

Problem with Filipinos? We are too lazy to do the work ourselves sometimes that we  resort to paying other people to get the job done, then we complain when we realize that we got swindled out of our hard earned money.  More often than not, people who are after easy things sometimes does not get worthwhile returns.

Note that fixers are people who are after easy money. Your money. And you expect to get something worthwhile in return for the amount you shell out? Sabi nga nila, walang biktima kung walang nagpapabiktima. The 2 thousand pesos you pay to the fixer could very well cover the rush processing of 2 passports, plus you get to eat a good lunch. Now if you want to get “fixed” up, and when you appear to the DFA with your “fixed” appointment and problems arise, then that is a problem you paid for.

The easy way is not necessarily the best way. I say, the proper way is the sure way. Don’t be fooled, don’t be victimized. Be smart and know that you can do this is you put your mind into it. Learn how easy it is to get a passport appointment on the internet.

Iwasan ang fixer. Wag hayaang maging biktima.

A friendly reminder from your friendly neighborhood MasterCitizen 🙂