TIME: For Sale

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

If you can turn back the hands of time? You would try wouldn’t you?

The sad thing about reality is that we can’t. The good thing about thinking about it is that we realize that we can actually control how we use our time.

Time is the only thing everyone has in common. We all have 24 hours of it everyday. How you use your share of time is what will differentiate you from the rest. Are you a good investor? Or are you a waster?

Did you know that you can double the time you have in your hands? How? Simply by accomplishing more at the same time. If you can do one thing in an hour, can you not try to do two? Why not do three? Impossible? Impossible are for those who do not try. Impossible are for those who do not seek. Be a seeker of knowledge. Remember that the more you know, the better your decisions become.

Time is an asset, a very valuable resource. Like money, if it is well invested, it will return to you exponentially. But unlike money, lost time can never ever be earned back. Time for work, time for business, time for friends, and time for your family does not have any monetary equivalent. It is priceless.

Money on the other hand, though important is not as priceless. Money is a material thing, time is ethereal. Invest on the ethereal.

If you can use your money to empower you to do more with your time, then by all means do it. Pay any amount to spend quality time with your family. Pay an amount to save time that you can use for more important things. Pay with money so that you can have time to earn more money.

Is time for sale? I would have to say Yes.

So buy it. Use it. Pay for it with money. You will earn money back, but you will never earn lost time ever again….


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