Poll Session – COMELEC: A Credible Government Institution?

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

In line with our COMELEC article for today.

Here is a poll question for you to express your opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Poll Session – COMELEC: A Credible Government Institution?

  1. wala naman kasing choice eh! kung sundin sila kahit ayaw ng ibang mga pilipino. tapos ang voting system ngayon automated. possible na pwede syang dayain pinoy pa eh! magaling mang hack ang mga pinoy. malamang malaki ang nakorakot ng mga taga comelec or kung sino man ang umawak ng budget para sa nakaraang election.

  2. COMELEC sucks, dude! They get budget yearly but they only actually work when there’s an election. And when is that? Every three years or so?

    It’s just a pool for graft and corruption! Over-priced folders, over-priced PCOS Machines, etc. COMELEC is owned by powerful corrupt politicians!

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