NSO Delayed Registration-Posting

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

If your NSO certificate is registered late. Here are some pointers that might be useful for you.

The National Statistics Office has guidelines for birth, marriage, and death certificates that have delayed registration. A report of a vital event made beyond the reglementary period is considered delayed.

Posting of the Pending Application

1.       A notice to the public on the pending application for delayed registration shall be posted on the bulletin boards of the city or municipality for a period of not less than ten (10) days. (47a)

2.       If after ten (10) days, no one opposes the registration, the civil registrar shall evaluate the veracity of the documents submitted. (48:1a)

3.       If after proper evaluation of all documents presented and investigation of the allegations contained therein, and the civil registrar is convinced that the event really occurred within the jurisdiction of the civil registry office and that said event has not been registered, he shall register the delayed report thereof. (48:2a)

4.       The civil registrar, in all cases of delayed registration of birth, death, and marriage, shall conduct an investigation whenever an opposition is filed against a registration. He shall take the testimonies of the parties concerned and of the witnesses in the form of questions and answers. After investigation, the civil registrar shall forward his findings and recommendations to the Office of the Civil Registrar-General for appropriate action. (57:11a)

5.       The Civil Registrar-General may, after review and proper evaluation, deny or authorize the registration. (57:2a)

Recording of Delayed Registration

In every case of delayed registration of birth, death, marriage, and other registrable documents, the entry in the civil registry book and the registry number transcribed on the certificate of vital event shall be in red ink. The remarks “Delayed Registration” shall be written on the upper right hand margin of the certificate and the “Remarks” portion of the registry book. (56a)

Duty to File a Complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office

In every case of delayed registration, the civil registrar shall file a complaint with the city or provincial prosecutor’s office for appropriate action under Section 17, Act No. 3753. The action filed in court by the prosecutor against the party for failure to register shall not suspend or stop the registration, neither should it be a ground for refusal by the civil registrar to register the delayed report of birth, death, marriage, or any registrable document. (55a)

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