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Ready to become a parent?

You should also be ready to properly document the certificate of live birth of your child.

Pertaining to the child’s legitimacy, note the following facts below:


– It is extremely important that this item (Item 18) is not left blank, otherwise, the legitimacy of the child will be questioned.

– If the parents have forgotten the exact date of their marriage, enter the approximate year. If they cannot approximate the year, enter “forgotten”.

– Enter “Not Applicable” if the child has unknown father or mother.

– Enter “Unknown”, “Don’t Know” or “D.K.” if the informant could not supply the information.

– Enter “Not Married” if the parents of the child are not legally married on or before the birth of the child and their names appeared in Item 6 and Item 13.


You can have your NSO certificates delivered door to door by calling the NSO Helpline (02) 7371111 or chatting here.


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