How To Avoid Fixers

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

In order to escape the potential risk of dealing with fixers on site at any government office, it is best to be aware and equipped with the knowledge on how to be smart and ready.

1. Prepare all the needed requirements for your application. You inquire at the NSO, POEA, DFA  assistance hotlines
a. NSO 737-1111 (for borth,marriage, death, CENOMAR certificates)
b. DFA 737-1000 (for passport appointment and application)
c. POEA 737-7777 (for OFW OEC applciation)

or visit the websites of NSO Helpline, DFA Passpport Appointment, and POEA Overseas Exit Clearance Service.

2. Do not deal with people outside the NSO, POEA, DFA premises
a. Go directly to the entrance guard
b. Show your requirements so you can enter
c. Proceed to the STEP 1 area of the establishment

3. Do not be afaird to ask, but do not be quick to believe. Read the procedures available in the area. Do not rush yourself into making a decision; know what you need to do first.

4. All government agencies are equipped with informative materials to guide you on how to process your requests; this can be done by any individual without too much complication.

5. If a person insists on helping you or assisting you, chances are they could be fixers. Ask for assistance or info at the INFORMATION counter.

Learn to say NO when you’re uneasy with the person.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a puond of cure. Wag sayangin ng pera kung kayang kaya nyo naman magawa dahil alam mo ang gagawin mo.

Check more requirements for NSO, DFA, and POEA services here.


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