Philippine Passport Application (ePassport)

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

Getting a passport now is very much unlike the old days. Of course, now we have what they call an ePassport, something with an electronic chip inside the passport itself. Sounds hi-tech :), hehe. So just how do i get one of these?

I learned that to apply for a new passport nowadays, I have to fall in line (not literally, though that will come later), and get myself an appointment schedule. Ibig sabihin, pa reserve muna ako ng date. Wow, hirap pero mas ok na siguro compared to falling in line nang madaling araw para lang mauna. Kung may schedule then at least naka reserve ka na.

I tried the DFA website, to get an appointment. It was full of information, kaya lang I also had to put my full information, medyo nakakpagod pero ok naman kasi nakaupo lang naman ako habang ginagawa yun.

Pwede rin pala tumawag sa DFA appointment hotline, (02) 7371000, dun siguro may kukuha ng info mo na makakausap mo, kaso nagawa ko na sa internet eh. Nakuha kong schedule, yung available pa is Oct 29, 9am. At least may oras pa, pwedeng pwede na magplano.

I think this is better than having to go to the DFA without knowing what awaits you. I look forward to seeing this so called ePassport. 🙂

Better get my requirements ready…..

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