Bonjour. Mabuhay.

This post will deal with the intricate points of procuring  your own copy of an NSO birth certificate. Of course you can also get a marriage certificate, and a death certificate for formal reasons. I also learned about another certificate called the CENOMAR or a certificate of no marriage. Guess what, this certificate shows all the marriage records that a person has undergone. Whoa! no escape nowadays when no secret is safe :)….

Anyways, getting these certificates would be an important activity at one point in time in any of our lives. Maybe you would go abroad and migrate for reasons we all know :), but do stay if you can bear it. Or maybe you would need one for you child’s enrollment, or probably for a passport application. You would be surprised on the numerous usage of these NSO certificates.

So what is it exactly? It looks like a copy of your information printed on a security paper. That means the one your holding or keeping since birth? The one handed to you by your parents? It might not be the authenticated one that you need to use for the reason stated above. So it means you need to get a new one, and maybe more than one sometimes.

How can you get one? Well, you can go to the nearest NSO branch and apply. Prepare to travel and line up though and of course eat out. If you don’t have the time for that, I saw this delivery service that NSO has. You can call their NSO Birth Certificate Delivery hotline (02)7371111 and they will get your details and deliver your certificate to you. You pay more (330 pesos) but you save time, and probably you would spend the nearly same amount traveling and eating out. Sounds like a pro deal when you think about it, exchanging the convenience and time for some extra money. Besides, the delivery covers the whole nation, so you get the same value (maybe more for far flung areas) wherever you are. You can check out more at where a chat option is also in place. That is where I saw the details.

This video shows the time and convenience comparison.

I also learned that there are a lot of concerns when it comes to birth certificates, like wrong spelling of names and sometimes the wrong name entirely. There are instances that you don’t even have a name on your certificate! Wow, call me the nameless one. 🙂 Worse if you have the wrong gender (a male individual with a gender of female in the certificate), though I know some who would be happy to have this wrong entry…hehe. There area a slew of other concerns like this and I would post more about them and some solutions I will find to correct these on my next blog.

Til next blog 🙂